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The Last Human, 2020

Upcoming feature documentary funded by the DFI-Danish Film Institute, Greenland’s Self-government and the Danish Arts Council.

Language: English, Greenlandic
Lenght: 80 minutes

Anahí’s Room, 2017

Anahi’s room is Ivalo Frank’s latest film which features protagonist and poet Jessie Kleemann as well as performance artists from different corners of the world: Nadine Milzner (Germany), Ronni Maciel (Brazil), Raven Do Canto (India) and Miki Shoji (Japan). The theme of the film is childhood abuse and the process of reconciliation. Through performance art, sound and conversations/interviews the film alludes to psychological displacement of the soul, reinforced through a physical displacement – that of Kleemann leaving her country behind and moving to Denmark. At another level the film opens up to a discussion about colonisational abuse, in the relation between Denmark (coloniser) and Greenland (colonised).

Language: Danish, English, Greenlandic
Lenght: 40 minutes

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival 2015

Ivalo Frank is the director of Greenland Eyes international film festival, the world’s largest festival on contemporary culture from Greenland. In May, 2015 Greenland Eyes takes place at the Danish Embassy in the United States and at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., USA.

» Greenland Eyes International Film Festival

Killerbird, 2015

A film on childhood abuse featuring featuring artist Jessie Kleemann.

Language: Danish/Greenlandic
Subtitles: English
Lenght: 15 minutes

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival 2014

In 2014 Greenland Eyes travelled across the Nordic region with nine stops in Greenland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Norway. It featured film, photography, music, performance and academic symposiums.

» Greenland Eyes International Film Festival

Viviente, 2013

Music video to a track by the Brazilian/Paraguayan musician Jirasol. The video features performance artist Jessie Kleemann, Ronni Maciel, Nadine Milzner and Miki Shoji.

Language: Spanish
Lenght: 5 minutes

EYES, 2013

18 short films about Greenland Eyes International Film Festival. Funded by NAPA and the Self-Government of Greenland Film Funding.

Language: English
Subtitles: Danish
Lenght: 2-5 minutes

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival 2012

Greenland Eyes International Film Festival premiered in Berlin and took place at the Arsenal Cinema, HBC and Humboldt University. It featured film, photography, music, performance and an academic symposium.

» Greenland Eyes International Film Festival

OPEN, 2012

Shot at Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark during the summer of 2012. Produced with support from HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (DK) and The Danish Arts Council.

Language: Danish
Subtitles: English
Lenght: 60 minutes

ECHOES, 2010

ECHOES is an award winning experimental music documentary recorded on various abandoned military places in Greenland. The film is structued according to the sounds, structures and colours of the mosaic landscape of steep mountains. It tells the (love) story about two people who have met here, in in the midst of international politics and war history.

Language: English
Subtitles: Danish, English, German and Greenlandic
Length: 24 minutes

Faith, Hope and Greenland, 2009

Faith, Hope and Greenland is a poetic journey into the very hearts of the people of Greenland. Based upon interviews with leading representatives from the art-world including; film producer Mikisoq H. Lynge, visual artist Julie Edel Hardenberg, actress Makka Kleist and musician Peter Tuusi Motzfeldt ‘Tuumotz’ (whose music, along with songs from Nive Nielsen accompany the film), the four figures reveal their personal beliefs of what Greenland currently stands for and their dreams for a contemporary, Greenlandic society.

Language: Danish, Greenlandic
Subtitles: Danish, English
Length: 32 minutes

Upper Reaches of the Arts, 2007

Upper Reaches of the Arts is a portrait of Shanghai’s contrastful cultural scene. The film gives an insight into the restrictive conditions, that the Chinese contemporary artists and cultural institutions, work under. At the same time it highlights some of the world’s most preogressive cultutal personalities, including the then artistic director, who curated the first ever animation and comics biennale ANIMAMIX at the Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai.

Language: English
Subtitles: English
Length: 30 minutes

Rosinen & Blaue Blumen, 2006

Rosinen and Blaue Blumen feature former east Berliners and their thoughts regarding the fall of the Berlin wall and its consequences for everyday life. The films shows how the was DDR both a society, which shaped the comfortable lives for many, whilst at the sam etime being lifethreatening to those who were critical and who wante dto express themselves freely.

Language: German
Length: 2×30 minutes

The People from the North who Eat Meat, 2005

The People from the North who eat meat is a both humorous film showing a man and a woman fist fighting at night.

Length: 5 minutes

Wild Dogs of Sarajevo, 2004

Wild Dogs of Sarajevo is a pioneering film in the sense that it showcases some of the people who choose to live in post-war Sarajevo in order to help re-build war history’s longest occupied capital. It is both a hardcore description of what war does to people and the human mind, whilst at the same time being an absolute love declaration to Bosnias capital, Sarajevo.

Language: English
Length: 30 minutes

Yellow Dogs, 2004

Yellow Dogs is a selection of four short films highlighting different contemporary artists. They surround around the questions: Why make art? They were part of an essay made for University of Lund, which investigated into the logic of artists and art and the creation of art.

Language: English
Length: 4×5 minutes